The best way to get the most of your freshwater fishing trip is with an extended fishing charter. The fresh waters of the lakes, rivers and streams are heavily stocked with all sorts of species. Some of the fish are Sooty grunter, Silver and Golden perch, Barramundi, and Mangrove Jacks. Impoundments are also stocked. There are lots of choices for you to fish from.

There are different extended charters that you may choose from, some of the options are share and sole charters, land based, or live boards. These will include all your accommodations, food, drink, room, your guide and the skipper. All can fit into your budget if you shop around. There are also handicapped accommodations.

The guides will help you with the type of tackle that you’ll need for the species you are fishing for. Living on the boat you’ll be able to sight see some of the most diverse country in the world. The Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree rainforest is a World Heritage site. The flora and fauna of the area is like nothing else in the world and you’ll be able to sit back in your comfortable seats and watch all the different wild life. Then there is the natural beauty of the land and coral reefs, crystal clear waters of the rivers and lakes. Where the fishing is the best!

The food and drink can’t be beat and the service is always with a smile. The rooms are so comfortable your rest will be so nice after a busy day of site seeing and fishing. You’ll be dreaming of your next day of adventure that awaits you.

These extended fishing charters can be boarded right out of the city of Cairns. So there is no fuss no muss for you and your family or group. All can be had with an easy booking. Just decide what you want to do, what you want to fish for and which of the extended charters would best suit you and book it. Your great adventure is just a few steps away!