Catching your Limit at Cape York Australia

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Heli Fishing Cape York

If you’re in the mood for an adventure of the true wilderness and a fishing trip you’ll never forget then a trip that starts when you get yourself a well maintained 4WD and take the rough roads to Cape York. You will have a memorable trip to a wild sparsely populated area of Australia. There is a wilderness that can only be traveled during the dry months of May to December. But the scenery is diverse and splendidly pleasing to the eye that you’ll cherish for a life time.

Then you add the fishing of the wilderness coastlines, remote tidal estuaries, lagoons, uninhabited islands and the Outback Rivers you’ll be in fisherman’s heaven. The species you’ll be catching is Queenfish, Mangrove Jack, Trevally, tuna and Mackerel. Catching your limit of fish is easy in this area. Then you have a camp fire and cook some of your catch for dinner. Can life be any better? I think not and in saying that you really need to book this fishing trip!

There is camping of course but if you like the comforts of home there is air conditioned cabins or modern motel rooms available in some areas. Also if you do not want the 4 WD adventure you can take a two hours airplane trip from Cairns then take a vehicle into the cape of the more civilized spots such as Seisa or Bamaga.

The tip of the Cape offers the best Jack Jew fishing in a small tidal stream called Crocodile Creek where there is also the catch of the day is species such as Blue Salmon, King Salmon, Queenfish, Cod, Bream, Barracuda, Mangrove Jack and Barramundi.

North of Cairns is Cape Tribulation, Cooktown, which is the first settlement of Australia. Then you should fish the waters of Lakefield National Park and Princess Charlotte Bay. There is also Temple Bay, Shelburne Bay but let’s not forget the Mighty Jacky Jacky that boasts of the marvelous mangroves. This slightly covers the east coast of the cape.

There is the Arukun settlement of Aborigines. The Mitchell River and Kowanyama follow rivers such as the Wenlock, Dulcie, Staaten, Nassau and Gilbert all of which offer some great fishing. The species of fish in these waters are Tarpon, Spanish mackerel, Grey Mackerel, Coral trout most species of Salmon and Fingermark. The choices are limitless. Just pick your species get the right tackle and bait then throw your line in, you’ll have you limit in no time.

There are charters that will have all that you’ll need to take you to little known fishing spots so you’ll have the time of your life. There are guides that will show and teach you all you’ll need to know for catching your limit. All this takes from you is a little time to make the decision of where you want to go and what you want to fish for. Then you’ll need to book this wilderness adventure so you can catch your limit at the Cape York. Then pack all the personal things you’ll need like sunscreen, hat and a camera so all can be recorded so everyone will believe you when you tell them the big one didn’t get away.