Fraser Island Queensland Fishing


Beach Fishing on Fraser Island


The fishing along Seventy-Five Mile beach is one of the best fishing spots in Australian waters! This beach is really a highway that shares the highway with Air Fraser planes. Seventy-Five Mile beach/ highway runs up the surf side of the island. Driving conditions can change with the weather and tides. There are sand tracks crossing the island that link the rainforest and lakes which offer you other fishing options. The Island is 4X4 driving with speed limits of 35kmh on the island roads and 80kmh on the Seventy-Five Mile Beach. It’s necessary to carry essential supplies such as a towrope, spares, water, spade and first aid kits. Permits are requires for all vehicles that enter the island and may be obtained from River Head Barge landing, at Kingfisher Bay Resort and Queensland National Parks and Wildlife Service which include Brisbane, Hervey Bay, Maryborough, Bundaberg and Rainbow Beach.

Whiting and Bream are plentiful in the surf gutters along the ocean beaches in the warmer months. Swallowtails can be caught all year round. Tailor fish is a winter fish that are caught of the beaches. All the usual rock fish species will be caught off the headlands from Indian Head and Waddy Point.

The creeks and lakes are home to 12 species of freshwater fish. There are rare species eggs that are thought to be brought in from the feet of birds that come to fish these waters. One species is the Honey Blue Eye. There is also the Mosquito Fish that will compete with the native fish for food.

There are Anglers from around the world that come to Fraser Island for an adventure in fishing in one of Australia’s most diverse and rich fishing areas.

With all sorts of travel methods to get to this unique Island, Charters are available to fly you in or go by boat the choice is yours. There are day trips or you may stay on the Fraser Island or aboard a boat.

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Resorts, hotels, hostels, farm stays, camping as well as caravanning is all available with all the accommodations you would need form luxury to budget minded.

Boat charters are there for your pleasure from yachts to regular fishing charters that will have all that you need from bait and tackle. All you need to do is make your choice for what type of fishing you would like to have while visiting Fraser Island.

So why not book your trip today to join these world class fishermen and add your adventure as well? This adventure on Fraser Island in Beach fishing you’ll not soon forget!