Gold Coast Fishing in Australia


Gold Coast, Queensland FIshing
There is fishing and then there is fishing and fishing along the Gold Coast has so many choices that making the decision of which method you want to fish may be a bit difficult for you. If you already know exactly what you want then you’ll find it right here on the Gold Coast of Australia.
Fishing from the beach or jetty is a great way to relax and catch the smaller species of fish. Whiting, bream and flathead are regularly caught if you find the right fishing spot. The bait and tackle shops can let you in on most good fishing spots from the shore. Dropping a line in the water for some smaller fish can be a great way to just take it easy and have the fishing experience.
The fight of landing a big one may be on your list of fishing experiences you want, then the best way for that is deep sea fishing. Now this is a big deal, fishing on the Gold Coast. There are charters that will cater to your every need. Just decide which fishing adventure you want and book it.
There is half day or full day fishing trips that will have your needs, food, drink, shade, tackle and experienced guides that will show you all you’ll need to know to catch that big fish you’ve been dreaming of. Or you can book a live board that you stay on. With all the accommodations you need with luxury rooms, food, drink anything you will need to have the best adventure of your life.
Deep sea fishing will get a number of species on your line. Swimming in those waters are Shark, mackerel, tuna, snapper and marlin. Can you just imagine landing a Black Marlin on your line; you are watching that fish leap out of the water into the air, flip, and then dive back in the water. You have a great fight going on that can last a very long time but the thrill is so high you lose track of time. The tale you’ll have when you get home as well the trophy, WOW.
There is also another way to fish to assure that you catch what you want. There is the Eco Park Fishing World; here you are guaranteed to catch a fish. With ten ponds stocked with Barramundi, Barcoo Grunter, Saratoga, Silver Perch, Australian Bass, Golden Perch, Murray Cod, Eel tailed catfish and Sooty Grunter all you have to do is drop your line in the water. Children will love to come here to fish or the handicapped will enjoy a day of fishing. Best part is if you have a tendency to get sea sick this is a way to avoid that!! The grounds are beautiful with all needed for a BBQ or picnic.
The Gold Coast has the best to offer when it comes to fishing. All that is needed is your decision as to which fishing trip your dream adventure is. Where you want this adventure to take place, shore or boat? So get started and check out all your options and book that fishing trip on the Gold Coast of Australia.