More fishing on Moreton Bay

Fishing Moreton Bay Queensland


Moreton Bay is known for its boating and fishing. The fish are not as plentiful as in the past but if you get a good guide or you yourself know the bays then you are still in luck for more fishing on Moreton Bay. The guides will show and tell you a few tips that you will need to follow.

There are very little fish holding features of the sandy areas that are shallow with very little reef structure. There are a few patches of coffee rock, artificial reefs and some islands that will have fish.

Tuna and Mackerel are the most common fish of the area. Northern Bluefin, long tail tuna and Mack tuna that have an average size of 2kg but can reach 6kg to 12kg. With larger specimens of 15-20kg are still common.

Bird watching is a great way to find tuna. The birds will be flying in circles, hovering and looking into the water. There are bait fish that both the birds and the tuna will be having for a meal. With the splashing under the birds you will be able to tell which species of fish by their feeding characteristics. You may also see fishing jumping without any birds around.  With larger bait balls you could drop a metal lure and jigging up and down may prove to be successful. Everything needs to be checked out. Stay on a sharper lookout at all times.

Moreton Bay, Queensland Fishing

Tuna will feed on the edges of sandbanks and along major shipping channels. Tuna are picky eaters so you’ll need a lure the looks similar to the baitfish they feed on. The smaller metal baitfish profiles are the best for the the Mack Tuna. There are many available at your tackle shop. You might have to try a couple of different ones.

Mackerel feed on baitfish on the surface. Mackerel should be gaffed and quickly subdued with a priest/donger. Mackerel have very sharp teeth and you need to stay clear of them.

There are charters available to help you with all you will need. Day or longer trips are there for your asking. Most will supply tackle, bait and cold storage for all that you will catch. You can book passage for just yourself, a family or group. There is food drank and plenty of shady seating for your fishing pleasure. All you will need to take is sunscreen, hat, camera and your will to catch a big fish.