Pleasant Fishing at Peel Island

Peel Island, Queensland fishing

This fishing spot can run hot and cold at times. Night time fishing is best with bait fishing. Red snapper will show up at Lazeret gutter if there isn’t a lot of noise. Mooring is needed if there is a breeze. Lures of plastic is a good way to fish around boats at the northern sectors so you can get some fish. Horse shoe bay is a poplar mooring location for hundreds of different size boat from small to large, so probably not the best local for a pleasurable fishing experience.

Other fish available at Lazeret gutter are tuskies, bream, tailors Grass Sweetlips, Moses perch and parrot fish. Just fish the bottom. Fishing up in the water will produce Longtail Tuna, Mack Tuna, school as well as spotty mackerel. You may have a great story about the big one that got way if you add fishing for very large sharks, stray jew or a yellowtail kingy to your fishing list.

So like I said not always the hottest spot to fish but it can really be a pleasure having some fishing time at Peel Island.