Hot fishing spots in Townsville Australia

Townsville Fishing - Queensland Fishing

There are some of the best fishing in the creeks and reefs around Townsville. You can spend one day or more fishing for Barramundi, Mangrove Jack, Threadfin Salmon, Fingermark and Grunter.

There is the Hinchinbrook channel that has deep holes, snags, rock bars and other structures that attracts fish which has given the area a reputation for great fishing that bring anglers from all over the world. There is a maze of tributaries that run off either side of this channel so you may even catch oceanic species that find themselves in this channel.

Haughton River will offer you the fight of a Barramundi. Anglers talk of the battle of this fish all the time. Adding your tale of your fight of the Barramundi as she grabs your hook, dives trying to break loose of that hook, trying to make her get away but you hold tight, reeling in the fish will really make your trip a success!

The offshore and reefs offer an amazing selection of fishing. Saltwater fly fishing, rod and reel, the bait will include live bait, lures, flies and soft plastic lures all there for your choice. The species of fish will include Cobia, Tuna, Cod, Mackerel and Trevally to name a few. There are small wrecks that the fish love to call home. The area is a good feeding ground for the fish.

There are charters that offer day fishing to any of the areas mentioned. These charters will supply tackle and bait.  There is cold storage for all that you catch. Food and drink for you and your family or group as well as comfy seating, everything you’ll need for a fantastic day of fishing.

Book your trip and remember to take your camera to record your adventure and all the fish that you catch.