–       Guides for fishing Calm waters in Queensland Australia

Calm water fishing Queensland
Calm water fishing Queensland

There are many different ways to fish the Queensland area. The best way to get the greatest fishing opportunities you should hire a guide. Again there are different ways you can do this. Once you decide what types of fishing peaks your interest then you can pick the guide or charters that will your needs.

Calm water fishing guides will take you to the freshwater rivers, lakes and streams. There are off-shore reefs and estuaries. This will give you the chance to experience the thrill of catching the big ones that will be the topic of many coming conversations!

Calm water fishing trips will all be light tackle fishing. With a guide you will be made aware of the best tackle to use for the fish you are fishing for. The guide will tell you which fish you catch and release because of their size. No worries though you will take your limit home for dinner!

The guides will offer fishing tips on how to catch your fish and what to catch it with. With this insight you are assured the best of the fishing experience. The guides know the areas and will keep you safe from harm such as the crocodiles that are there. You do need to watch out for the crocodile!

Take the time to hire a guide for your fishing trip. Catch the big one and talk about the fish that didn’t get away thanks to a guide!