Freshwater Estuaries fishing and Rivers of Queensland,


Queensland Estuaries fishing
Queensland Estuaries fishing

With all the right conditions a day trip of estuaries fishing  can be a prime day of fishing. There are guides and charters that have everything you’ll need for your expected fishing trip to freshwater fishing. They can tell you where to get your limit of the species of fish you want to sink your hook in.

World Heritage has listed rivers in the Daintree rainforest to the north and Russell/ Mulgrave system that is just a short 45 minutes from Cairns. Tully and Murray rivers as well as the largest island national park, Hinchinbrook have some of the best fly fishing in the region. Mourilyon Harbour, North and South Johnson rivers also boast of some good fly fishing.

Fly Fishing is one of the oldest know methods of fishing and is considered a couple of things. One is an art of angling. There is an art and skill to the movement of the flies on the water to entice the fish to bite. Second it takes patients to stand there working the line to make the fly dance on the water making it look alive. There are a lot of traditions and techniques to catching your fish on a fly rod.

The excitement of hooking that bass when you have twitched the fly is such an enticing way that fish jumps out the water to engulf that fly/hook and the fight begins. WOW what a rush, your heart is pumping and your muscles are tense, the fish is leaping in and out of the water trying it’s best to get off the hook. But you are ready to bring that BIG ONE home! Oh imagine the excitement!! This is just in the streams and rivers.

Saltwater fly-fishing is so much more exciting! The fish are bigger in all ways. They put up bigger fights because they are bigger fish so you must have the right tackle, no wimpy tackle here. The fish caught on the fly in the tidal estuaries, rocky foreshores and even the man-made rock walls are Jacks, GT’s Golden Trevally, Salmon and Queenfish. All of these species are FIGHTERS!

So get busy, get up and book that fishing trip along the estuaries and rivers. There are great guides with experience and all you’ll need for a fanatic day fishing trip. So get your bloods flowing when you hook the fish you’ll be telling stories about for years to come.