Marlin fishing Queensland Australia

Marlin Fishing Queensland
Marlin Fishing Queensland


Fishing for the Black Marlin became popular after World War II. Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef have been known for the best marlin fishing in the world.

This renown “fishing hole” is known for the giant fish that will give you the fight of a life time. The skipper of the boat is moving with the great fish so you don’t lose it. The marlin will breach the waters with its tail thrashing the waters as it tries it’s best to get rid of the hook that you have firmly placed in her mouth. Oh this is a fight you’ll be talking about for a long time! That powerful shimmering body is beautiful as she leaps out the water again and again fighting to get free. The pure power of this fish will take your breath away. This is your fish that you have won the fight and the memories of this adventure will stay with you your whole life.

The bait used to catch this giant of a fish is large whole fish such as Scads, Queenfish, Tuna or Mackerel. This bait is rigged to troll so it will swim within the water or skip the surface. The skipper of the boat and or guide will supply the heavy fishing tackle and will show you how to use it.

The giant Black Marlin female arrives in early September to spawn along the Great Barrier Reef. The breeders have an abundant supply of food a long the edge of the reef and will stay until late December.

There are number of choices when it comes to fishing for this monster. There are Day boat charters that you can take out for the day leaving early in the morning from Cairns and returning early evening. They serve food and drink throughout the day to all the guests. Everything is done with a smile and great fishing stories. All is supplied from heavy tackle, bait and cold storage for your catch. If a day trip is in your plans to fish for the Giant Black Marlin this is the way to go.

Liveboard that are just as their name indicates. You can stay on these boats for anywhere from 2 days to 5 days and have all the comforts of home. All is available for your group or family. All accommodations are there for your enjoyment, food, drink, and very comfortable rooms. Some even have everything available for the handicapped.

The liveboard offer swimming, snorkeling and even night fishing maybe even a visit to a tropical Island. You’ll be able to walk the white sand of the beautiful beaches looking out over the clear blue waters of the ocean.

Everything you’ll need for a fantastic day/night fishing adventure will be available for you. All the supplies you’ll need heavy tackle, bait and the cold storage for your catch. Food and drink for you even on the day boats. The experience and expertise of your guide and skipper is a must for a great catch.

Why wait? Book that Marlin fishing trip now. Bring your camera so you can record every moment of your adventure!! You’ll be talking and bragging about this fishing trip for years to come. Maybe even decide that you need to do it again.