Fishing in Queensland Australia

Tide Fishing


Tide fishing, Queensland Fishing
Tide fishing, Queensland Fishing

Some of the most relaxing and rewarding fishing are with the tides. If you take the time to study the tides and know when they are just right you can get some fantastic fishing in. There are two high tides and two low tides that happen most days in North Queensland. Ask questions! Fishing can be enjoyable, so ask the locals questions! People love to tell their fishing stories and some of their adventures could give you some great insight to help you catch your limit!

The movements of the tides tend to get the fish into a feeding mood mostly at the turning of the tides. The higher tides are good for fishing. During the full moon the larger tides occur and the barramundi fishing is the best.

Using the right bait will also produce good results. You may want to use a strip bait instead of lures or live bait. There is grunter, bream and salmon that will appear on the tide runs as well as the barramundi. Again asking questions will get you in the better locations to fish and the best bait to use for what you are fishing for.

There is bait and tackle stores that will have everything you’ll need for some great tide fishing. Again talking to the locals will give you best information on the better bait and tackle stores in the area. Have a great time fishing those tides and collect the stories you can tell your friends about the 1 that got away.