You have got your mind set to book and have the best fishing trip. You have chosen Queensland Australia as the area to fish in. You have heard the stories of that magnificent Black Marlin and the fight they give you when caught. Next you have to choose the best charter boat company you can to make the fishing trip a reality.

There are some things you need to be aware of so you can make an informed choice. You need to know how many days you’ll want to fish, accommodations that you will need, what equipment will be needed to catch the fish you want to take home and tell the stories about. How much do the operators of the charter boats know about fishing and how to catch that giant you want to brag about? Do they supply all that is needed for you and your guests from food and drink to the bait that is needed for the fishing. Do these charters know the best way and techniques to land each species your fishing for? How about storage once the fish is caught? I know, so much you need to find out about well let’s get you started…

The types of boats are many, from smaller custom vessels that are designed for speed and maneuvering to a live boards that you can live on while fishing. There are 3 bedrooms, 2 baths boats with all the luxury living you would desire. This is all the comfort required for 1 to 12 people. Boats in between are fiberglass boats, as well as boats that are custom made for the Great Barrier Reef and the special conditions that the Great Reef has. Great food and drink are served with a smile when you get hungry.

Most of these charters offer all the tackle that is needed for the species of fish you are interested in catching with light or heavy tackle. If you have snorkeling or spear fishing in mind then they have the equipment that is necessary. Also the storage is available.

As for the operators knowing what they are doing the best way to learn about the charters you are interested in is to ask questions and read reviews about those charters. But be fair read a few so you get a good idea of the true reviews. You can also find out about the service of these charters.

So get busy do your research and book that dream fishing trip to Queensland Australia. Live that dream and record every moment in your memory.