Carefree Fishing in Cairns Australia


You are looking for a day of fishing and you are in Cairns Australia. But you are not sure if you want a carefree easy day of tossing your line in the water and just waiting for a bite. You need to let your thoughts flows and straighten themselves out. Let the stress escape and find somewhere else to go. Then again you want to do battle with a Black Marlin and get all your aggression out with watching that mighty fish leap out of the waters do a flip and dive back in. You’ll know you’re in for a good fight. How about a salt water fly fishing trip? You tickle the water with the fly that you made at home before you made this trip to Cairns. The fish is trying to be coy and not be seen so you move the fly just a bit more and snap that fish couldn’t resist and took it! Oh the excitement! There is fresh water fishing also. There are so many choices for you to make.

Just think about it game fishing, reef fishing, both sea and fresh water fly fishing, marlin fishing. There is fishing in calm waters, creeks, estuary fishing, deep channels and open waters. The fish you’ll catch Marlin, Cod, Mangrove Jacks, tuna of all sorts, the list is a large one.

There are also choices of how long you want to fish, an hour, a half day, a full day or maybe a few days on a ship that has everything you’ll need with luxuries you will enjoy!


All you have to do is make your choices and book the fishing trip you would love to add to the adventures of your life. You know you have many so go ahead get hooked on fishing in Cairns Australia. It just maybe a carefree day of fishing but it will be a great day of fishing!