What types of fishing if there?

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You are planning a fishing vacation in Australia and you have learned there is an assortment of ways to fish. You have to decide which species of fish you want to catch. Do you want fresh water fish, salt water or deep-sea fish such as Black or Blue Marlin? Then you get to decide which way you get to fish for the species, fly fishing, tackle fishing, bait fishing, or spear fishing.

There is fly fishing for both fresh and salt water. The excitement of throwing your fly out and snagging a trout is a feeling you’ll always remember. It doesn’t matter which you are fishing for salt or fresh water trout the rush you get when the fish bites the hook and gives you that fight that doesn’t end until you reel the fish in or the fish slips the hook. You will need a good fly rod to fish with that will give you the action at the tip you want. There are different types and makes of rods for you to consider that are made of a variety of materials. Fresh water fly fisherman like bamboo rods. Saltwater fly fishing will need a stronger fly rod; again there are a number of choices, graphite, fiberglass, boron and carbon or composites of all these materials and more. Action in the fly rod is what attracts the fish so you want a rod that will allow you to jerkbait, jigging, pitchin, flippin crank baits, and you get the idea. You want your fly to dance on the water so you will grab the attention of the big trout you want to catch.

There is tackle fishing again for either salt or fresh water. The type of tackle used is for the type of fish you are fishing for and conditions of the water as well as water levels.  The lures you use depend on the depth you want your line to drop. Basically there are 3 levels, surface, sub-surface and deep. The season of the year will also need to be considered for the type of jigs and lures you will want to use. Spring, most game fish will swim shallow to spawn. During the summer months the fish swim deeper so lures that sink deeper are needed. Then fall comes around, you’ll want to use lures and jigs that are used for sub-surface and shallow water. The word tackle will cover all your rods, reels, lines, weights, anything you’ll need for your riggings.  This is just an example to give you an idea of the type of fishing.

Bait fishing is just as it describes. You use bait to fish with. There is dead or live bait. The species of fish you want will determine the type of bait you use. Some charters will follow large schools to collect bait. Schools also attract fish so following schools will bring you to the location of your catch.

Deep sea fishing is one of the favorite choices for anglers. They want to catch the trophy fish such as the Marlin, Blue Fin Tuna, Sharks the larger game fish. The fight that these species give you when you set that hook in their mouth will give you such an adrenal rush that you will be telling that fish story for years to come.

Spear fishing is another form of fishing that is enjoyed by many. There are many different ways to spear fish, underwater, above water from a boat or land. There is an art to catching fish with spears much like fly fishing. Timing and technique is a must. Spearfishing done underwater is done by snorkeling, freediving, or scuba diving. By using different spears, spearguns, slings. This form of fishing has come a long way since ancient time when it was used for supplying fish for food.

Whatever type of fishing you may want to do on your vacation you’ll find that Fishing Charters will supply what you need. Everything needed from the tackle, locations, cold storage and guides, to your needs as well, Food, drink, shade and chairs. You also have choices of a day trip or a few days aboard a live board so you can get a number of adventures in. Now is the time to book that trip you have been planning on, now that you know what types of fishing there are.