Supreme Sunshine Coast Fishing


Australia has the best fishing in the world and with all the different types of fishing you will have a hard decision with where, when and which type of fishing you want to start your adventure. A good where to start is the Sunshine Coast; it has some of the most supreme fishing choices. Start with the Pacific Ocean then branch out with many water ways such as estuaries, rivers and creeks.

Not only will you have fish to catch but how about a bit of crapping as well? You will get a chance to pull up a crab pot of Blue Swimmer Crab or even Queensland Mud crab which has a flavor that is legendary.

One of the species of fish that is wanted the most is the Barramundi. It’s possible to catch yourself a WHOPPA when fishing in one the creeks or ponds. Or there are the bass, cod or perch that is available for you to toss your hook in the water so you catch your limit!

There are a number of guides and tour boats that are available for all your fishing needs. Whatever your desire, your needs are met! There is so much for you to choose from. Half day to a few days of fishing and these boats will have all that you will need from tackle of your choice to cold storage for your catch. If you want to fish different spots over several days this is available also, with all the luxury accommodations you’ll need, for just yourself or a family or group at good rates. There are some boats that are handicapped equipped so all can enjoy some fishing time.


So take this moment and make a few decisions as to how you want to start your fishing adventure. Then where along the Sunshine Coast that you are interested in. Book that fishing trip of your dreams, don’t let that big one get away! Let the supreme fishing adventure begin along the Sunshine Coast!