Bait for fishing Queensland Australia

Bait- lures


Bait is an important component when fishing in Queensland. The right bait for what you are fishing for could mean taking your dream fish home or not. With so many ways for the use of bait you just need to know what species of fish prefer and will strike on what bait. There is different bait for different fish, one method is watching for bait fish that is active in the area you are fishing in. There are different currents that the bait fish swim in and this is what the predator fish are looking for, you should also look for those schools of fish. Work the edge of those schools of bait fish and you will hook fish species such as Black Marlin, Mahi Mahi, Tuna and Mackerel as well as Sailfish. Imagine the stories you could tell about how you caught the biggest Black Marlin on record. Hey you know how fishing tales are told…

Live bait can also be used by anchoring or drifting in the shallow reefs. Live bait need to be set at different depths so the fish at those depths will be attracted. Fish will swim at different levels at different times of day or weather conditions.

Trolling is another way to attract fish. This is usually done with lures and the color of the lure will attract the species of fish. Mahi Mahi and Tuna will strike on lures while being trolled. At times you may have to change the color of the lure to get better results. Pink and purple with green patterns seem to get the best results. Setting the lures to ride correctly on the waves will produce the movement needed to attract those trophy fish. You need to watch your lines close, trolling through the water the lure will pick up sea weed and other foreign objects. Also the drag on the reel will play an important role in how the hook sets. If the line is to loose the hook will not set, to tight the line will break off. Teasers are used with trolling; it is a good way to pull the curious fish from the lower depths. The teaser will trick these fish into thinking there is a school of fish and will come closer to eat their share. There are a number of teasers on the market or you can make your own.

Picking the right charter is the best method to getting that dream fish. Take the time to investigate and picking the most knowledgeable boat charter. You will be happy you did because this will be your dream fishing trip.