Saltwater Fly Fishing at the Great Barrier Reef



Saltwater fly fishing started getting popular in the 1990’s. There are large groups that love the excitement of catching a giant herring on the end of their fly rod. A lot of fishing folk still have not heard of the concept of fly fishing on the oceans and seas. Once the angler saltwater fly fishes there is no going back to just fresh water fly fishing. Saltwater fly fishing has just been added to the list of great fishing techniques.

You have the same equipment saltwater fly fishing as you would use as fresh water fly fishing but on a larger and stronger scale. You can fly fish off the shore or beaches or fly fish off a boat out in the water. Whichever option you choose to fly fish, you will become hooked, so to speak.  Flies and lures are common in Bait and Tackle stores. You can also make your own flies. A number of anglers love to use their own homemade flies and patterns and feel that these flies bring good luck in getting your limit.

Blue Salmon is a great fish to entice with your flies and catch. These fish can be caught coastal and inshore. Large schools as well as smaller groups can be found on tropical flats. These fish can be aggressive and easy you hook. They can give you great fight when you use small streamer with shrimp or crab patterns.

Golden Trevally has been weighing out around 16 to 22 kilos. They are found in bays, along beaches and offshore reefs. They are mostly bottom feeder but will rise up for a prawn or bait fish. Golden Trevally is caught with a wide range if fly rod patterns and once hooked is strong and is a dogged fighter.

Giant Herring are all over the Australian waters. The most abundant are in bays, harbors and inshore waters. A good guide will take you where you need to get a good catch. These fish weigh from 1 to 6 kilos but can reach up to 15 kilos. Giant Herring will hit on popping and streamer flies, Once hooked they are such fierce fighters they may get loose. They will change directions with great leaps.

Queenfish like the tropical waters, they weigh from 1 to 8 kilos but can reach up to 15 to 16 kilos. They prefer offshore islands and the reef systems. These fish will hit on most flies with a good presentation. Popping flies are best used when you are looking to hook the larger fish. Once hooked they jump and dart in different directions with powerful strength. So be ready for a good fight to keep him.

This is just a few of the fish that are available to the fly fisherman. So do a little research on your own and learn what you can before planning your exciting saltwater fly fishing trip. Ask questions, you’ll learn a lot from others who have gone to saltwater fly fishing. Book a guide and/ or a boat and get busy catching all those great fish.